Welcome Letter

Dear Patrons,
It is our honor to invite you to the City of Hyderabad, India in on 15th-16th November, 2018. We are hosting a Summit on “Digitalisation of Global Policing”. We want to enable police around the world to work on a digitalised platform to make world a safer place. We do understand the increasing use of technology and internet in all aspects of daily life puts everyday citizens at risk of becoming targets of cybercriminals. To fight against these high tech challenges our police should be operating on a digitalized platform to make it possible for them to be where crime is happening, when it is happening - even in virtual locations.

It is our hope that you will join us for this International Summit. We assure you of our complete support and cooperation in making the DGP Summit a truly memorable and knowledgeable event.

Thank You,
Team DGP Summit

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